Feminine hygiene

Feminine hygiene – a must for all women

A woman’s feminine hygiene routine has a direct impact on her immune system. In order to have healthy vaginal flora, it is important to have a high concentration of the right bacteria, in particular lactobacilli. In addition: The internal lining of the vagina has a slightly acidic pH of between 3.8 and 4.5. This ensures that germs that cause diseases cannot settle and multiply. Unfortunately, once in a while, this sophisticated natural defence system can become disrupted.

Why is my vaginal flora out of balance?

A weakened immune system may be the result of stress, taking antibiotics, or hormonal fluctuations, for example. However, in many cases an imbalance in the vaginal flora is caused by excessive or incorrect feminine hygiene. This is precisely why proper hygiene is so important.


Proper feminine hygiene

For very frequent washing of the intimate area, it’s best to use a feminine wash. The pH of these products is matched to that of the vaginal area and doesn’t upset the vaginal flora. Conventional soaps and shower gels attack the sophisticated acid mantle and disrupt the pH balance of the vagina. This can lead to an increase in unwanted bacteria.
Gynofit Feminine Wash has a very mild cleansing action and is designed to match the pH range of the vaginal flora. Dermatologically tested, with added lactic acid but soap and colour-free – the perfect feminine hygiene product for all women.

More Gynofit feminine hygiene products

Gynofit helps you protect your intimate area and prevent problems from arising. Whether you have an unpleasant smelling discharge, dryness, irritation or susceptibility to yeast or other infections – our range of products extends from our popular Lactic Acid Vaginal Gel to our smartballs for a strong pelvic floor. Our care and medicinal products promote a natural balance and relieve discomfort and symptoms.

A selection of our products

Lactic acid vaginal gel
Feminine care oil
Wash foam
Intimate spray
Intimate care wipes

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