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What should I think about when choosing menstrual hygiene products? How does my choice of underwear affect my intimate flora? What is the gentlest form of hair removal? Here you will find advice from our experts on frequently asked questions relating to intimate care.

Clothing and underwear – the first step to the right intimate care

Clothing – ventilation matters

Natural intimate care does not begin with toiletries, but with the right clothing.

Clothes which are too tight can lead to chafing and cause irritation. Irritated skin is more susceptible to infections. So give yourself a bit of space for air circulation and leave the skin-tight clothing, underwear and thongs in your wardrobe or drawer.



Underwear – choose natural materials

It’s a similar story with the materials they’re made from. Even for your most fashionable lingerie, you should stick to underwear made from natural fibres that can be washed at 60 °C. Synthetic fibres trap heat and moisture, smoothing the way for irritation and infection.

Vaginal care tips

The right intimate care when it comes to sex

Sex can lead to skin irritation in your intimate area. If you are suffering from dryness, prevention is better than cure. A protective gel such as Gynofit Moisturising Vaginal Gel is also excellent as a lubricant and is fully compatible with condoms. To care for the external vaginal area, use our soothing Gynofit Feminine Care Oil.

Are you prone to cystitis? Many women suffer from this unpleasant infection after sexual intercourse. The balance of the vaginal flora is upset as an increased number of bacteria are formed. These pass through the urethra into the bladder, where they can cause an infection. Gynofit Lactic Acid Vaginal Gel helps restore the natural balance.

Lactic Acid Vaginal Gel Moisturising Vaginal Gel

The right hygiene care is everything

It goes without saying that you can wash whenever you want. But be careful what you use to wash your intimate area. Try to preserve the natural balance in your intimate area and try not to upset the body’s natural protection system. You don’t want to use anything which might attack the acid mantle. Normal soap and shower gel are therefore best avoided. Instead, use a mild product specially developed for your intimate area and with an appropriate pH. Gynofit Feminine Wash is perfect for your daily feminine hygiene needs.



Don’t skimp when it comes to changing towels and flannels 

Damp towels and flannels used repeatedly are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and yeasts. So, use disposable wipes to clean your intimate area, especially if you are susceptible to vaginal infections.



Tampons, pads and panty liners – natural is better

Pads too are made from a range of different materials. Always buy natural fibres! But be aware that the proportion of natural fibres varies from product to product. Use unfragranced panty liners without a plastic film and with a high cotton content – and avoid tampons wherever possible.



Always wipe from front to back

Avoid bad wiping techniques which wipe bacteria from the anus towards the vaginal area. Wiping front to back can help prevent infections triggered by gut bacteria. This is good advice for preventing cystitis.



Douching – don’t do it! 

Douching isn’t recommended for cleaning your intimate area. Don’t douche, but do wash your external vaginal area with a feminine wash which doesn’t disturb the acid mantle and upset the natural lactic acid balance. You can learn everything you need to know about intimate cleansing with Gynofit Feminine Wash here.

Feminine Wash Wash Foam

Hair removal in the intimate area: proper care reduces infection risk

Even when removing hair, you can help improve the well-being of your intimate area. Avoid all products with aggressive, irritating ingredients (depilatory creams) that could cause skin irritation.



Choose a razor for intimate hair removal!

Be careful when shaving as shaving can cause tiny cuts which can pave the way for infections. In addition, after shaving, hair can often grow inwards, resulting in itching and inflammation. However, wet shaving with a good blade is still better than chemical depilatories, an electric shaver or waxing.

Cleansing and intimate shaving – Gynofit Wash Foam is 2 products in 1. Apply a generous amount of the product to your body and begin your intimate shaving. Your shave will be even more comfortable if you pamper your skin with a suitable care product after shaving – for example Gynofit Feminine Care Oil.

Wash Foam Feminine Care Oil

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