Pelvic floor

Get the most out of your pelvic floor exercises with Smartballs!

Every day, our pelvic floor has to cope with stresses such as carrying heavy objects, sneezing, coughing, laughing or jumping. The pelvic floor consists of three superimposed layers of muscle, which usually allow opening and closing without any problems. Closure of the pelvic floor prevents incontinence and is considered the best support for the abdominal organs situated above it. By contrast, opening it enables us to go to the toilet. For women in particular, opening of the pelvic floor muscles is essential during childbirth.

Symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor:

  • slight to moderate incontinence (unwanted and uncontrolled urination, often when coughing, laughing or during sport)
  • aching pain in the abdomen
  • frequently feeling the need to urinate
  • back pain
  • sexual problems

Possible causes of a weakened pelvic floor:

  • childbirth
  • connective tissue that is too weak
  • continuous excessive physical stress (posture, heavy work such as lifting)
  • an operation
  • an injury


Exercises for a strong pelvic floor

Start specific and regular pelvic floor exercises as early in life as possible. There are various exercises for specifically training the pelvic floor muscles. Gynofit Smartballs are also easy to use while performing daily activities. Ensure that you always lift objects correctly and drink enough water, but don’t go to the toilet too often so that the muscles are naturally exercised by a full bladder.

A fun way to strengthen the pelvic floor

Exercises with pelvic floor balls help you to combat stress incontinence and even prevent it effectively. Gynofit Smartballs are a fun and effective way to tackle this functional weakness and significantly increase the effectiveness of your pelvic floor exercises. They help you get to know your hidden internal muscles and strengthen your pelvic floor.
And a stronger pelvic floor brings further positive effects. Among other things, it prevents organ prolapse in old age. Pelvic floor exercises can also increase sexual pleasure. Find out about other benefits– you may be surprised by what these exercises can do for you!

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