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Gynofit Cleansing Bar – Intimate hygiene with no soap or perfume

The skin in your intimate area is too sensitive to wash it with a conventional soap. Soaps may irritate the skin because they are alkaline and have a pH much higher than the natural pH of your skin. Gynofit Cleansing Bar is different from conventional soaps and has an ideal pH for your intimate area. Yoghurt extract and shea butter offer an extra level of care. Lactic acid supports your vaginal flora.

Key features at a glance:

  • Soap-free intimate hygiene
  • With lactic acid to support your vaginal flora
  • Contains yoghurt extract and shea butter
  • No plastics or microplastics
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Hanging strap made from ocean plastic
  • Goes in your hand luggage when flying

Do you want to protect the environment and find sustainable body care? It’s just right for you!

Taking a step towards a plastic-free bathroom

Gynofit Cleansing Bar is a nourishing intimate hygiene product with no plastics or microplastics. The soap-free Cleansing Bar comes in recyclable packaging.


Do you want to protect the environment and find sustainable body care?

Gynofit Cleansing Bar is a sustainable plastic-free soap made from natural ingredients, which comes in biodegradable packaging.

Plastic-free body care is one way of incorporating environmental protection into your bathroom. Solid body care products, which are also packaged in recyclable material, reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions.

No expensive plastic additives are involved in the production of microplastic-free body care. Microplastic particles flow out of sinks and baths into the sewage system and ultimately end up in the sea.

The ingredients of compact body care aren’t diluted with water, resulting in direct water savings and improving their carbon footprint as they are lighter to transport.



A soap-free cleansing bar is manufactured differently from traditional soap. It is not boiled with a lye agent, a process which produces unfavourable base substances.

The soap-free cleansing bar is produced by mixing various ingredients, which are pressed together with great force and then dried. The major benefit of this production method is the scope it offers for setting the pH perfectly.



Acid mantle

Our skin is surrounded by a protective mantle, also known as the hydrolipid film. This film, which shields the skin, is made up of components including water, enzymes, keratinocytes, sebum and sweat. Ideally, its pH is slightly acid, somewhere between 4 and 5.6.  



Why do feminine hygiene products need a different pH from normal skin care?

Bacteria and yeasts multiply more readily in an enclosed, warm, damp climate with a proportionately high pH. In the human body, such areas include the feet, armpits, skin folds and the intimate area.

My solution: Gynofit!

Gynofit Cleansing Bar is more than just a pH-neutral soap

Most body care products are “skin-neutral”, in other words they have a pH of 5.5. The average pH in women’s external intimate area is higher at around 6.5, which makes it more prone to infections. So it makes sense to use care products with a lower pH to support the natural flora.

Gynofit cleansing products for the external intimate area (Feminine Wash, Wash Foam and Cleansing Bar) have a pH of less than 5 and take the special needs of the vulva into account.


  • Lactic acid for the ideal pH.
  • Yoghurt extract with prebiotic inulin promotes skin-friendly bacteria to support the natural microbiome.
  • Almond oil is mild, similar to natural skin lipids and ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Shea butter moisturises the skin, is absorbed quickly and leaves no film.


Create a lather – apply – rinse off – done!


The specially developed shape of the Cleansing Bar allows it to be conveniently hung up in your bathroom or shower. After use, simply hang up the Cleansing Bar or keep it in a soap dish or soap bag. The water will drip off and the Cleaning Bar will dry so it can be used for a long time to come.


Triticum vulgare (Wheat) Starch, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Aqua, Glycerin, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Lactic Acid, Inulin, Yoghurt, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, CI

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