Preparing well for childbirth

Perineal Massage Oil for preparing well for childbirth

As your due date approaches, it is important to think about preparing for the birth. As well as getting clothing, dummies and nappies ready, you should also be adequately physically prepared for the big day. Midwives recommend 5-10 minutes of daily perineal massage from the 34th week of pregnancy.

The oil for perineal massage helps reduce the risk of needing an episiotomy or of tearing during childbirth. A special perineal massage oil helps make the perineum, the tissue between the vagina and anus, softer and more supple.


The benefits of Perineal Massage Oil

Gynofit Perineal Massage Oil pampers your skin with luxurious and natural almond, wheat germ, and evening primrose oils. Our Perineal Massage Oil is also enriched with lactic acid and essential Vitamin E to really treat your skin.
The most important benefits of Gynofit Perineal Massage Oil at a glance:
• makes perineal tissue supple and elastic
• rich oil for perineal massage when preparing for childbirth
• cares for birthing scars and stretch marks
• Rich oil (almond, wheat germ and evening primrose oils and vitamin E)

Perineal massage - a slightly different type of massage during pregnancy

Let yourself relax in peace and quiet to prepare for your perineal massage. When you feel ready, get a finger ready (with more practice you may be able to use several). It is best to use a nourishing perineal massage oil, which you use to lubricate your finger. Then insert your finger into your vagina and gently massage it in a U-shaped motion. There are several different positions you can use for perineal massage (e.g. lying down, sitting or standing). Experiment to see which is most comfortable for you. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and don’t tense up.

For supple and elastic fabrics

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